Soya Free Chocolates

Always check that the chocolate ingredients are soya free before eating any of the chocolates.

Dairy Free Organic Chocolate Drops - Milk Tasting

Montezuma's Dark Chocolate Sea Dog Bar

Montezuma's Geranium and Orange Dark Chocolate Bar

Montezuma's Lordy Lord Dark Chocolate Bar

from 99p




Montezuma's Organic Chilli Chocolate Bar

Montezuma's Spice It Up Dark Chocolate Bar

Montezuma's Very Dark Chocolate Bar

Moo Free, Dairy Free, Organic Alternative To Milk Chocolate Bar




from £2.48

Organic Dairy Free 87% Dark Chocolate Bar

Plamil Organic Dairy Free Orange Chocolate Bar

Plamil Organic Vegan Mint Dark Chocolate Bar

ORGANICA Milk Tasting Chocolate Bar

from £2.49

from £2.49

from £2.49

from £2.75


Organica Vegan White Bar

Montezuma's Organic Dark Chocolate Snowmen



£4.37 £4.79



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